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About Organization

NOVA Heat AAU Basketball program was chartered in August 2012 by Air Force Colonel (Retired), David Mason. The program provides the Standard in competitive youth basketball within the Northern VA, DC, and MD metropolitan areas. NOVA Heat was formed to provide young athletes with the tools and resources necessary to continue strengthening basketball fundamentals, with options to develop new skills that will keep them competitive and successful on the basketball court.

Currently the program consists of highly talented 8th, 11th and 6th grade boys’ teams. All players represent the ideals of teamwork, selflessness and leadership that keeps them competitive on the court and keeps them focused in the classroom. [Plans are in progress to add teams that will represent each eligible grade level.]

All of the athletes were deliberately recruited to become a part of the NOVA Heat basketball experience. All represent the very best athlete the Northern VA, DC, and MD areas have to offer.

The NOVA Heat basketball program is a 10-month experience. AAU season runs from March to August of each year, and following AAU play, the teams participate in local fall and winter league competitive events. These additional options enable the players to continue honing skills and playing basketball at a very high level. Players become better student-athletes from this rigorous schedule.

All-in-all, NOVA Heat AAU Basketball provides a winning opportunity for local youth. If you have questions about this basketball experience, pls utilize the “Contact Us” option on the website. Someone will respond to your questions in less than 24 hours after submitting, or sooner.